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Milton Wedding Officiant

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding ceremony! My name is Alex Rajak and I help couples all across Milton and create a fun and personalized wedding ceremony. If you are looking for an officiant who professional, fun and will help you with your wedding ceremony, contact Alex today and see if we are available to officiate your wedding ceremony.

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Marriage Officiant in Milton

Are you getting married in Milton Ontario well if you’re looking for a wedding officiant you’ve come to the right spot! Hi, there in my name is Alex rajak and I am a licensed professional wedding officiant helping couples all the cross Milton to create and perform fun and personable wedding ceremony. I have performed weddings at many venues, restaurants and golf courses in Milton.

I offer various packages for your wedding ceremony such as custom and legal type of wedding ceremony. Contact me today for a free consultation where we will discuss all the logistics and the plans for your wedding ceremony and how we can make it fun, professional and memorable. I have performed over 600 weddings and have worked with couples from all cultures and backgrounds.

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Custom Wedding Ceremony

A custom ceremony can be crafted the way you like it. Alex Rajak can help you and review your vows and structure your wedding ceremony the way you always envisioned it. Learn more about the wedding ceremony and all of the steps involved by visiting our learning page.

If you don’t want your ceremony to be boring and dull contact Alex Rajak, he will help you create a custom wedding ceremony that your family and friends will always remember and enjoy.

With Father, Both Mother & Father or anyone of her choice. 

How can the Bride enter the Wedding Ceremony?

This is a personal preference that you can discuss with your family. The Bride typically is walked down the aisle by her father. There is also the option of walking down the aisle by both parents. The bride can walk in with whomever she feels has played an important part of her life. Here are some other ways to walk in that I have seen in the past:

1. The bride’s grandparents have traveled from a distant country and she wanted to show her respect, by asking them to walk her down.

2. The bride’s parents were no longer with us so she walked in with the siblings

3. The bride’s best friends were a couple who set her up on a date with her husband now to be. Her best friends walked her down the aisle.

4. The bride can walk down the aisle on her own and meet the groom half way down the aisle. 

In pairs or the Bridesmaids can walk in alone

How can the Bridal Party Walk In?

The bridal party can enter in several ways and it’s up to you how you want it. There is no right or wrong way. 

1. The groomsmen are already up at the front waiting and the bridesmaids walk in one by one

2. The groomsmen and bridesmaids walk in pairs and split at the front

When the bridal party exit they typically pair up and exit.