Quick 1 minute videos that will quickly go over the most common questions asked about the steps involved before, during and after the wedding ceremony. Questions such as, what order to walk in, how the rings are presented and how to walk out of the wedding ceremony after it’s done.

You can get it in 15 to 30 minutes

How to Obtain your Marriage License in Ontario?

You will need to print a marriage license application form and prepare 2 pieces of photo I.D for your self and 2 for your fiance. Bring all the completed and signed marriage license application form, along with your I.D’s to any City Hall in Ontario closest to you. Be prepared to wait anywhere 15 to 45 minutes. Expect to pay a minimum of $120+HST to obtain the marriage license. Click here for the application form.

Recommended if having a large bridal party

Do you Need a Wedding Rehearsal?

A rehearsal is not essential but it can definitely help bring you peace of mind for the couple getting married and everyone else involved in the ceremony. A wedding rehearsal is recommended if :

1. The bridal party size is larger than 4 on each side

2. You will be having ring bearers and flower girls

3. You will have family and friends performing readings 

4. You plan on doing a unity ceremony

5. You plan on incorporating cultural elements

If it reflect your personality 

Should You Write Your Own Wedding Vows?

I would easily say of 50% of couples write their own wedding vows. If you are shy in front of people and you’re not the type really express his/her emotions then you can simply use the traditional repeat vows provided in the ceremony sample resources. If you do decide to write your own vows please watch the video, it provides a complete guideline as to how to structure your vows and what length they should be.

Have them do a reading or be a part of the unity ceremony

How to Include Family and Friends in the Wedding Ceremony?

There are various ways you can include your family and friends at the wedding ceremony. The most common way to do this is to have them perform a reading, take part in a unity ceremony, designate them as a witness for the license singing or have them present the wedding rings.

You can get married anywhere in ontario

If I’m doing Legal Wedding Ceremony does it have to be at City Hall?

As long as you have a valid marriage license, two witnesses and a licensed wedding officiant present, you can get married anywhere in Ontario. Many couples choose to get married in the comfort of their home, hotel or an intimate restaurant. This is perfect for couples who will be having a symbolic ceremony out of the country or wish to have a small and intimate wedding ceremony.

There are over 20,000 officiants in Ontario!

How to tell if a Wedding Officiant Licensed in Ontario?

Service Ontario updates a weekly datasheet that will help you determine whether the officiant you are about to hire if licensed to perform weddings in Ontario. Click here to see the data sheet.

Have a few words said in their language 

How to make Overseas Wedding Guests Comfortable?

For some overseas guests, attending a wedding can be overwhelming especially if they do not speak or understand English. To make them feel welcome, you may have a reader come up during the ceremony to say a few words and welcome them in their language. Alex Rajak can also help your overseas guests feel welcome by learning to say a few words or a poem in their language.

incorporate cultural elements before, during or after the ceremony

How to Incorporate our Cultures into the Wedding Ceremony?

You may infuse both of your cultures into the wedding ceremony and have certain details and aspects explained to your guests to understand the meaning and symbol. Many couples choose to incorporate cultural elements into the ceremony before the wedding vows or after the ring exchange. This is entirely up to you and you can work with Alex Rajak to determine where it would fit best.

Put at least 15 minutes before the actual start time

What Time Should you put on your Wedding Invitations?

There is always seems to be a gray area as to the actual start time of the wedding ceremony. One simple solution to this is to use specific wording on your invitation such as  “Ceremony starting sharp” or ” Please be seated by 04:25pm“. 

If your wedding ceremony will be on Friday afternoon or you might have a really tight time schedule after the ceremony it is best to put 30 minutes prior start time.  This will ensure everyone has arrived on time and is seated before the ceremony and you can start at when your ready not waiting for guests to arrive. 

Please check with your venue if they have any policies in regards to what time your guests are able to arrive at the ceremony space.

anyone above age of 18 and English-Fluent

Who can I select as my Witness for the Wedding Ceremony?

If you have been to many weddings before you most likely recall seeing the best man and maid of honor acting as the marriage license witnesses. But did you know you can choose anyone as long as they are above the age of 18 and are English fluent? You can choose your parents, siblings, and friends to act as a witness. 

Most common is the ring bearer & bestman

Who Carries the Wedding Rings?

You can have the ring bearer walk in with mock wedding ceremony rings and present them to the best man. Some couples have both the maid of honour and best man present the wedding rings as well. This option can be tricky at times because most likely the maid of honour will be holding your bouquet and hers. You can also have a member of the audience to come forward and present the rings, this is great if you want to recognize someone special and give them an important role to play during your wedding ceremony. Don’t forget our four-legged friends, they can also help out with the rings.

In pairs or the Bridesmaids can walk in alone

How can the Bridal Party Walk In?

The bridal party can enter in several ways and it’s up to you how you want it. There is no right or wrong way. 

1. The groomsmen are already up at the front waiting and the bridesmaids walk in one by one

2. The groomsmen and bridesmaids walk in pairs and split at the front

When the bridal party exit they typically pair up and exit.

3 to 5 songs

How many Songs Do I need for the Wedding Ceremony?

You will need the following songs for your wedding ceremony:

1. Bridal Party Entrance

2. Brides Entrance

3. The signing of the Marriage Register

4. Final Exit song

A time Capsule

What is a Love Letter & Wine Box Ceremony?

A love letter and wine box ceremony is a unique way to create a time capsule of your wedding day. You will need a wooden box to house the bottle of wine and you and your fiance will write love letters to each other sealed in envelopes. You may perform the love letter and wine box ceremony after the ring exchange and it can be housed at the signing table. Some couples that have a guest attendance of no more than 120 people usually leave the box open throughout the reception to act as a guestbook where people can leave best wishes and words of wisdom. 

Sand is symbolizes time and life

What is a Unity Sand Ceremony?

A sand ceremony symbolizes the individual’s traits, experiences, and lives of the bride and groom.  They each have their very own glass container filled with different colored sand. Once an explanation and reading have been completed by the wedding officiant, he then prompts the couple to pour their sand into the unity container. Couples can then keep the unity sand container at a place within their home and every year on their wedding anniversary then can add smaller containers of sand to symbolize the growth, maturity and love of their marriage. 

a moment of silence 

How to Commemorate Loved Ones during the Wedding Ceremony?

One of the best ways to commemorate and honour loved ones who are no longer with us is to take a moment of silence at the start of the wedding ceremony. Another way of doing this is to have a seat reserved at the wedding ceremony with a photo of the loved.

Tying the ring hands with rope/ribbon or cloth

What is a Hand Fasting Wedding Ceremony?

This type of unity ceremony is derived from various cultural such a traditional Irish wedding ceremony and the Eastern Orthodox hand tying ceremony. This unity ceremony takes place after the ring exchange, the officiant asks the couple to join their left hands. Either the officiant or family members can assist in the hand tying ceremony. Once reading and explantion are completed, the article that was sued to tie the hands is then removed. The couple can keep the knot/rope for their keepsake and a reminder of their wedding vows. 

anyone above age of 18 and English-Fluent

What is a Tree Planting Ceremony?

Many couples assume it is only the Maid of Honour and Best man who can sign the marriage license. That is not the case, you can choose anyone to act as your witness for the marriage license signing, as long as they are above the age of 18 and are fluent in English. Many couples choose siblings or some times even friends who are not part of the bridal party.

walk in with one parent or both

How do My Parents Walk Down the Aisle?

The bride typically walks in with her father but there is also the option of walking in with both parents. There is also another option where both the parents can walk in halfway into the ceremony aisle and the bride will meet her parents. The groom’s parents can already be seated or they can also walk in with him at the very beginning.

Stand on a slight angle 

How are you Supposed to Stand During the Wedding Ceremony?

During the time the officiant is speaking the bride’s right hand and grooms left hand can be joined and facing the officiant on a slight angle.

When it is time to do the vows and ring exchange the bride and groom face one another.  

After the singing of the marriage license, the bride and groom go back to their original positions of having their left and right hand joined and facing the officiant on an angle.   

anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes

How Long will my Wedding Ceremony be?

The length of your wedding ceremony will depend on various factors such as the size of the bridal party, whether you are writing your own vows or not and if you will be incorporating cultural traditions. 

Can be signed after the ring exchange or after the final pronouncement 

When do you Sign the Marriage License during the Ceremony?

the marriage license can be signed after the ring exchange during the ceremony or right after kiss and pronouncement.  

the shake,hug and hand off

What Happens When the Bride Gets to the Front of the Wedding Ceremony?

When the bride reaches the front with her father or both parents, the groom will step forward and shake hands with the father and or hug him. The bride will then give her father/parents a hug and a kiss. Once all the hugging and kissing is over and done, the groom can then take the brides hand and lead her to the front. There is also another option where the father of the bride takes her hand and hands it off to the groom. 

exit in pairs and leave some space

How do you walk out once the Ceremony is Finished?

Once the ceremony is done, the bride and groom will exit first and they will walk all the way down giving them time to take a few photos with the aisle clear and nobody behind them. Once the bride and groom have fully exited the ceremony space, the maid of honour and best man then pair up and begin to exit. When they reach halfway down the aisle, the other pair will follow and this sequence will continue. Once all the bridal party has exited, the officiant can queue the immediate family members of the bride and groom to exit.  

Either as Husband & Wife or Mr. & Mrs.

How are we Pronounced after the Kiss?

If the bride will be assuming and changing her last name they may be pronounced as Mr. and Mrs.—-Husbands last name——

If the bride will not be changing or assuming her husband’s last name, they may be pronounced at Husband and Wife.