Wedding Ceremony packages


Personalized Wedding Ceremony

$945.00 + HST 



  • Complimentary/No obligation consultation (in person or by Skype/FaceTime)
  • Professionally officiating your ceremony 
  • Delivery of your ceremony in a way the guests can participate mentally and emotionally
  • A personal and fully customized ceremony
  • Ceremony Script Template Resources
  • Customization of the ceremony to include a Unity ceremony, for example, Sand Ceremony, Love letter wine box ceremony and Candle lighting ceremony
  • Ongoing communication and planning to create the ceremony to your liking
  • Unlimited in-person consultations, phone, email and video
  • Travel to the ceremony venue within the GTA
  • Arriving 30+ minutes prior to ceremony start time to answer any of your questions & quick ceremony run through
  • Collaboration with your Wedding Event planner – Venue Manager, Photographer, Videographer and DJ to ensure ceremony flows properly
  • Back-up officiant in an unlikely case of illness
  • Signing and complete handling mailing your marriage license
  • Details and instructions about obtaining certified copies of your marriage record and changing your name
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Wedding Rehearsal

$295.00 + HST 



Provide a complete chronological order rundown of the entire wedding ceremony process. Once the Rehearsal is done everyone will know exactly what they are supposed to do.

We may do up 3 to 4 runs which typically takes 35 to 60 minutes until every in attendance feels comfortable and all of their questions have been answered.

  • Review & Pre-fill out all fields in the Marriage Register book and Marriage license


  • Provide guidance throughout rehearsal to ensure everyone involved is fully aware of their roles and responsibilities and create an environment where friends/family who are meeting each other for the first time to get comfortable.
  • How family members or friends who will be doing readings will walk up to the ceremony space and present.
  • The pace and positioning of how the Parents, Bridal Party, Children and Bride will walk in.
  • How the Groom will greet the Father/Parents who will be walking the Bride down the aisle.
  • The handoff process as the Bride reaches the front and demonstrate how the Groom will receive the Brides hand and how they will stand throughout various parts of the ceremony.
  • The preparation and positioning for when the Bride and Groom will say their vows.
  • How the Bride and Groom will hold each other’s rings as they are saying ring exchange vows and giving and receiving of rings.
  • The Marriage license singing process. Groom to lead Bride over to table and how witnesses will stand and position themselves. Maid of Honour to place Bouquet at the table for presentation and photography purposes.
  • The final of the ceremony steps leading up to the pronouncement and kiss.


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