Sand Ceremony Kit.

An Excellent way to also include children into the wedding ceremony.

The bride and Groom have thier own seperate glass containers filled with differnt coloured sand. As the wedding officiant performs a reading explaining the meaning and symbol of the sand ceremony the couple start taking turns to pour thier sand into the unity container. The sand is a representation of the couples individual lives,experinces,friends and families coming into union. It is meant to be kept at home somewhere it can be seen to remind the couple of the vows they took and every year on thier wedding anniverssary they may continue adding sand into the container. View Kits

Love Letter & Wine Box Ceremony.

Your very own time Capsule.

A time capusle consiting of a wooden wine box that may either be sealed with a key and lock or a hammer and nails. Inside the box the couple will put a bottle of wine and a letter written to each other sealed in envelopes,the couple have not seen what the other has written.The box is to be opened up on an anniverssary date that the couple decide on (1,5 or 10 year) anniverssary. Should the couple endure hardships within the marriage before the anniverssary date, they are to open the box and read the letters to reflect and remind Purchase Here

Picture Frame Sand Ceremony.

A Picture worth a thousand words.

The same concept as the sand ceremony,except the unity container is a picture frame. Purchase Here

Unity Candle Ceremony.

Once lit you must protect the flame of your marriage.

The couple light thier own individual candles and togther light the unity candle  which is a symbol of thier union in marriage.Purchase Here